When Choosing a Wedding Officiant…

Choosing an officiant is more critical than most people realize.  Many couples, especially those who do not have a regular place of worship, plan in advance for everything but the wedding officiant .  Personal referrals are important but make sure the officiant meets your individual needs and requirements.


If at all possible, meet personally with the officiant to make sure you are comfortable in their presence.  It helps to discuss in advance what you are looking for as a couple so you are prepared to ask questions about everything that is important to you.  Is he available for your wedding date and can you imagine him presiding over your special day?  Do you like their voice and will it carry?  What will he wear?  Does he appear to be sensitive and flexible in relating to you?  Do you sense he can collaborate with other wedding professionals to make your day joyful and elegant? Remember that your officiant should be able to reflect your values, beliefs and the meaningful aspects that are unique and special about your relationship.

 Your ceremony is created with heart and soul by Rev. Kent Foster.  He will make it the most personal memory of  your special day.  Poems and readings will be given to you along with vow samples to help you create a heartfelt ceremony for you and you guests to enjoy.

Couples always rave about what a wonderful ceremony Rev. Kent delivered.


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