DIY Non Floral Boutonniere

Today’s weddings seem to have at least one element that is a DIY, whether it is the invitations, bouquet, or even centerpieces. It is a wonderful way to have something different or unique for your wedding day. I mean, who says you have to pay someone or a company to do every detail of your wedding day for you? This is a first post and a start of some DIY ideas you can consider. DIY are great if you want something custom and they also great for if you have a budget. Beware, you do not want to overwhelm yourself with a lot of DIY since it does take a lot of work and time.

Today’s post is about how to make your own boutonnieres. Boutonnieres do not have to always be the traditional floral. In fact, they can be fun! You can create them to go with your theme by using the colors or the actual objects. Below are some cool boutonnieres for you to see. They range in different fabrics, ribbons, feathers, paper, etc.

This image (below) is pretty funny. I have never seen any boutonnieres made out of action figures, but someone actually created them! I guess they really love action figures and comics! See what I mean by you can create your own boutonnieres with literally anything?

Materials needed:

1 hot glue gun

ribbon(s), string(s), floral tape(s)-the reason why I give you the option of one or more of these, is because you can choose what you want to do depending on how you want to create your boutonnieres.

object(s)-you can choose anything from flowers made of ribbons, sea shells, twigs, paper, etc…basically anything that you want to go with your theme.

Create your boutonniere by gluing the pieces or putting together the pieces you want together. The making part is literally all up to you and what you want to create.

If you are thinking of how to attach your boutonniere with, you can either use the traditional pin, or you can hot glue gun or attach a safety-pin to it (this way, it acts like a brooch-which is a lot easier to put on).


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