Testimonial from Sharron & Chris

Kent is amazing. His sense of timing is perfect and our April Fools wedding ceremony was both touching and humorous in all the right places. I could not have picked a better person and both my husband and I were thrilled to have him be part of our day!

He is also super-responsive in helping us figure out our vows, making suggestions of reading and even skyping with us since we live in San Diego and not Philadelphia!

I HIGHLY recommend him!

From Sharron and Chris


Importance of a Wedding Album

With today’s digital world, many people have access to a digital camera and tend to forget about having something tangible. Every image that one person takes or has is all up online through Facebook, Flickr, and even online viewing. So many brides and grooms have the ability to get access of all their edited digital images on a DVD for their use. The question is, what do they do with those images? Yeah, many brides and grooms place it online for their friends to view, but what happens when the system fails? What happens when you lose the images later on? All those precious moments that were captured by the photographer is gone and you did not think of having the images printed or made into an album. Even though it is difficult to think of not having access to the images, this could happen any time. This is when the classic prints and albums become very important.

Having the images of your wedding day available to hold in front of you releases a different feel compared to when you see your images online. Tangible prints of your images hung up around the house or somewhere in your room allows to you go back to that very same moment. It sort of grasp your attention and makes you pause to relive that special day of yours; it is nothing like if you see the images online. I know that when I take a look at a print or an album, I pause and just have that feeling of joy. I definitely do not get the same feeling when I see them online because there is so many other interference bombarding you online.

Overall, an album is an heirloom for a family. Think of all the images your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, uncles, aunts, and the rest of your family members have shown to you in an album. Nothing says classic than a tangible album that you can view and flip through. A wedding album is not just any album; it is the first heirloom to a couple starting their new path in life together as a family. This is why a wedding album is very important to have, even if it is another item to spend money on. Albums allow someone to share a story with another person without saying a word. I am sure this is something a bride and a groom may want to share with their friends and family (even for their future children and grandchildren).

Today’s variety of styles and fabrics allow a bride and a groom to customize their wedding album to make it their own. There is not just only the classic black or brown leather albums your parents and grandparents have. There is a wide range of companies that allow you to choose from dozens of fine leather or fine japanese silk! If none of that is your style, than you can even have a photo wrap. There are flush mount albums available (they can lay flat and the images are usually printed right on the paper itself) that sort of replaces the original classic matted albums; so do consider getting a tangible album that holds your precious memories instead of only having it available online. Keep something that will last for generations.

Non Floral Wedding Bouquets

There are so many different ideas from wedding dresses to wedding decor that is breaking the traditional ideas for an ideal wedding. When people think of wedding centerpieces, they think of floral. They think of the fresh-cut flowers grouped together and displayed for a wedding day. Many people think the same thing when they think of having a  wedding bouquet, but it is okay to add a little something that is unique to your ideal wedding. I say think fresh and different! A wedding day is about sharing one of your happiest day of your life with other people, but it is also about showing a bit of your personality to make it yours and not just like any other wedding. I believe a wedding bouquet is one of the most important piece of a bride’s day. A bouquet is with the bride all day (from the ceremony to the reception) and it is being photographed with the bride constantly! Now, wouldn’t you say that it is important to make your own?

So what can you do to make a bouquet feel like you? I say if you are more traditional and just want the simple floral bouquet, go for it. Now if you are looking for something a little different but not too far from the traditional floral bouquet, than add some non floral pieces with the floral pieces. You can try adding pearls, crystals, feathers, etc. If you want something totally unique and more custom to what your personality is, than go for a bouquet that is completely non floral. Below are some ideas for those brides looking for inspiration and just something fun! The bouquets that seem to be in and non floral are all custom-made by hand. You can make them out of brooches, paper, fabric, ribbon, crystals, pearls, and so much more!

Just a note to say “Thank You”

Rev. Kent Foster was amazing. I always wanted a garden wedding and being that it was our 2nd marriage for both, I got my dream come true.  I could not have asked for a more beautiful day and garden to have our wedding.  Rev. Foster takes the time to make sure you have the wedding that you dream of.  Please take the time to go and speak with him and let him help your dream wedding become a reality. 

Thank you for the wedding of our dreams at Ceremony Heaven,                                                                                        Robert and Roe

DIY Non Floral Boutonniere

Today’s weddings seem to have at least one element that is a DIY, whether it is the invitations, bouquet, or even centerpieces. It is a wonderful way to have something different or unique for your wedding day. I mean, who says you have to pay someone or a company to do every detail of your wedding day for you? This is a first post and a start of some DIY ideas you can consider. DIY are great if you want something custom and they also great for if you have a budget. Beware, you do not want to overwhelm yourself with a lot of DIY since it does take a lot of work and time.

Today’s post is about how to make your own boutonnieres. Boutonnieres do not have to always be the traditional floral. In fact, they can be fun! You can create them to go with your theme by using the colors or the actual objects. Below are some cool boutonnieres for you to see. They range in different fabrics, ribbons, feathers, paper, etc.

This image (below) is pretty funny. I have never seen any boutonnieres made out of action figures, but someone actually created them! I guess they really love action figures and comics! See what I mean by you can create your own boutonnieres with literally anything?

Materials needed:

1 hot glue gun

ribbon(s), string(s), floral tape(s)-the reason why I give you the option of one or more of these, is because you can choose what you want to do depending on how you want to create your boutonnieres.

object(s)-you can choose anything from flowers made of ribbons, sea shells, twigs, paper, etc…basically anything that you want to go with your theme.

Create your boutonniere by gluing the pieces or putting together the pieces you want together. The making part is literally all up to you and what you want to create.

If you are thinking of how to attach your boutonniere with, you can either use the traditional pin, or you can hot glue gun or attach a safety-pin to it (this way, it acts like a brooch-which is a lot easier to put on).