Great Centerpieces for your Wedding

One of the must have decorations for a wedding is the centerpieces. Centerpieces tie your decorations and colors all together. They are one of the main items that can help you pull your theme together. They are also one of the main items that your guests sees and notices. I added some great ideas for centerpieces. I hope this helps for all you brides!

Boxes and containers containing floral is great for a simple and yet sophisticated wedding. You can have a simple opaque box or container of one color and add a ribbon as an accent. If you are feeling creative and want to have something more unique, you can use containers that have a design or pattern on it.

Candles are wonderful to have at a wedding. They can be very romantic and simple. If you are a bride that wants your wedding theme to be romantic, than this is it! What is great about it is you can make the centerpieces yourself.

Cherry Blossoms are beautiful and what a great place occasion to use them. Cherry blossoms are very sweet and can easily make your wedding theme look absolutely pretty! You can simply hang candles, cards, and/or crystals on the branches to add a fun touch.

Many people think that centerpieces need to be floral and traditional, but not today’s modern-day! You can pull off a wedding with some head turning details. There are some really pretty fishes that can help you with decorating your centerpieces! They can swim in a simple fishbowl or they can swim in a vase with petals, flowers, or even candles.

Metallic is not seen in too many weddings. Many brides go with a matte color for their wedding day, but if you want some glowing accents to your wedding theme, add some metallic! You can find many different colors for metallic, so why not accent your decor by using them on vases or placement cards.

When people think about a calm scene/theme, they usually think about the beach. If you want to incorporate the beach into your wedding, you can add shells and corals into your centerpieces! A simple bouquet of corals and sea floral looks fabulous while a seashell or two on a candle is beautiful.

For brides whom either do not know what to do for wedding favors or want to save money, take-away centerpieces are a great idea! A few simple vase with a flower or two in them is wonderful for your guests to take home at the end of the reception, plus you create two uses for one price!