Wedding Favor Ideas

Whenever there is any type of event or party, there are always favors. Wedding favors are a must, whether they are simple or unique. If you are stuck trying to figure out what you should do for your favors, hopefully this blog post will help.

When it comes to wedding favors, you should definitely make sure the colors or the decor of the favor matches your wedding scheme. You can see a wedding favor as another type of decor for your wedding day. Besides, you would not want a wedding favor to look like it does not belong in your wedding. Creating your own wedding favors is an option if you are looking to stick to an inexpensive favor for your guest. If the favors you decide on is inexpensive, you can always give one to each of your guests. If you are planning on having a wedding favor that is a bit more expensive, you can always limit the gift one per couple. If the guest is single, you can just do one per single guest. This is a way to stick to your budget and spend too much on a thank you and good-bye gift.

If you want a fun, simple, and inexpensive, than a candy station is great for you! You can easily create a wonderful candy station with selective colors that matches your wedding scheme. What is great is the guests get to choose what they want to take home! Just put clear plastic bags with twist ties or cute boxes for your guests to store the candies.

If a candy station is not right for you and you still want to have food or beverage wedding favors, you can easily have cute packages/wrappers for your candies or beverages.

If you want a eco-friendly party favor, check out these wedding favors from real weddings! The first one is a bamboo box for whatever you would like to put in it and the second one is a tree for everyone to take home to plant.

Below are some party favors your guest can definitely use! The first one is so clever, and they are beer or drink holders. The second one is very simple and they are just jams in a jar.

Lastly, here are some bubbles party favors. They are fun and great for any age.


Non Floral Wedding Bouquets

There are so many different ideas from wedding dresses to wedding decor that is breaking the traditional ideas for an ideal wedding. When people think of wedding centerpieces, they think of floral. They think of the fresh-cut flowers grouped together and displayed for a wedding day. Many people think the same thing when they think of having a  wedding bouquet, but it is okay to add a little something that is unique to your ideal wedding. I say think fresh and different! A wedding day is about sharing one of your happiest day of your life with other people, but it is also about showing a bit of your personality to make it yours and not just like any other wedding. I believe a wedding bouquet is one of the most important piece of a bride’s day. A bouquet is with the bride all day (from the ceremony to the reception) and it is being photographed with the bride constantly! Now, wouldn’t you say that it is important to make your own?

So what can you do to make a bouquet feel like you? I say if you are more traditional and just want the simple floral bouquet, go for it. Now if you are looking for something a little different but not too far from the traditional floral bouquet, than add some non floral pieces with the floral pieces. You can try adding pearls, crystals, feathers, etc. If you want something totally unique and more custom to what your personality is, than go for a bouquet that is completely non floral. Below are some ideas for those brides looking for inspiration and just something fun! The bouquets that seem to be in and non floral are all custom-made by hand. You can make them out of brooches, paper, fabric, ribbon, crystals, pearls, and so much more!