Great Summer Color Combinations for your Wedding

Many females think of how they want their wedding day to be like before they are even engaged. There are so many ideas out there and so many different options to choose from. The question is once you are engaged, what do you really want to incorporate into your wedding? The thing is that you need to know the color scheme of your wedding day in order to plan everything else. If you have no idea what color scheme your wedding is, than you may end up with a mess of different colors that just do not work together. So, here I am giving you some beautiful color combinations to help you narrow your decisions for your wedding day. These colors below are great for summer weddings, whether you like bright colors like the summer flowers or soft colors like the Caribbean.

Blue and Grey: This is a soft color combination that falls in the category of pastel. this color combination is great for if you want a simple, romantic wedding. Perfect for beach weddings!

Blue and Orange: This combination of blue and orange adds a little pop to your wedding day. The details of your wedding day will have great contrast that is not too subtle and not too much. It is a great balance between colors.

Purple and Blue: Purple and blue are both cool colors and work well together. The blue is calming and the purple adds some sweetness.

Red and Pink: If you are looking to have a really bold wedding with lots of pizzaz, than the red and pink color combination is great for you. It is bold and adds a statement. Red is also the classic romantic color.

Orange and Green: The citrus color and the earth color adds a great soft feeling with some contrast. The orange is just a wonderful color for a summer wedding, especially for an outdoor wedding.

Orange and Brown: A mixture of the earth tone and the bright happy color is simple and beautiful at the same time. the orange pops while the brown keeps the orange from being too bright and overwhelming.

Yellow and Orange: Happy + Happy! This color scheme is perfect for a bride that wants everything to pop and say “I am so happy that I am even showing it with my details”. Yellow and orange is just a great summer color scheme.

Orange and Turquoise: This color combination is definitely meant for a bold bride that is willing to have major contrast. Since turquoise is between and blue and green color family, it still makes your eyes jump around when seeing it next to orange.

Grey and Yellow: This color scheme is meant for a bride that wants a simple and clean-looking wedding. This combination is definitely close to pastel but the yellow adds a wow effect when mixed with grey.

Yellow and Pink: Pink has always been a simple pretty color whether it is in a pastel color tone or a bright color tone. Yellow is considered a happy color, plus it always adds contrast to whatever color you put it next to. So yellow + pink = happiness and sweetness!